Pawing the ground when eating - QUESTION AND RESPONSE

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Pawing the ground when eating - QUESTION AND RESPONSE

Post by Cowboy Dressage on Thu Mar 25, 2010 2:19 pm

I have a question. I don't think it's a problem I just am wondering the cause of it all. I have had horses all my life and have never been able to figure out why some of them paw at the ground when eating. It doesn't seem to matter whether or not they are impatient under saddle. That was my first thought. Always makes me wonder though. I have a horse right now that always paws 5 times before he starts his feed and then another 5 times during. Just wondering...



Over the years I have had a number of horses do the same thing, even in pasture when hay is thrown to them. I don't have a scientific answer. Horses by nature graze continuously through out the day. When they are put on a twice a day feeding their natural needs have been altered. When fed they may be anxious and stressed while waiting for their food and what you see is the residual of that. I would try feeding 3 times a day if possible. Give the same amount but break it up into the 3 feedings. This allows them to spend more time "grazing" like they are supposed to do.

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